Thursday, July 24, 2014


Runescape is a very popular online role playing game series that is developed and published by Jagex Ltd who basically offer it for free-to-play and pay-to-play options. It is enforced by use of Java, Runsecape allows the player to make their own character to battle against the other opponents.

It uses a very unique demo mode includes a vast access to a given number of features when one is playing. This is the free version of Runescape where one can create an account for free, alternatively one can pay a low amount of $5 monthly membership fee where one gets all features of the game like new monsters, numerous quests to finish, new areas as well as dragons & barrows armory.

It offers unlimited hours of socializing, fun and entertainment especially with the in-game chat forum service. The game undergoes updating on a weekly basis for all the members to enjoy. Apart from the very user friendly game interface the game has a very interesting and detailed storyline. One does not have to download any software for the game as it is all online and it has over 20 different skills that one can train on depending on their preference.

The numerous variety of quests will require skill, excitement, determination and definitely a good sense of humor and I tun one gets to learn about prioritizing, the economic benefits of wise money spending and also the necessity of proper research before buying.

The storyline is accompanied with a very detailed and nicely sized world map giving an edge as compared to other games. Runescape further enhances the player to player experience by the chat forums as well as the many servers that are free interchangeable during the gameplay. The controls are very easy to handle and the graphics are equally satisfactory so is the music and audio in the game.