Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)comprises of a nice character generation system, effective networking technology, hardy combat, classy dungeons and extraordinary Player-Versus-Player (PVP) warfare, and it has oodles of content at the completion stage which can keep players thoroughly engaged and willing to pay the statutory subscription fee.

Free-standing multiplayer content can be found throughout the game maps, each content delivers large scoops of new features: new Bosses, fun filled dungeons known as Delves, and special events known as Dolmens, where multiple players face off hordes of creatures. These features are pretty nice : Dolmens areinvariable type and Delves are taken on by groups of players standing around the locations of spawn, making it easy to kill them in seconds. This change of paceis pretty welcome and other players can always be easily found to fight alongside.

ZeniMax's megaserver technology deserves applause and a special mention here,it doesn't segment players in different sectors, but allows everyone across geo-locations to enjoy playing with each other and maps are assigned dynamically. This move is quite an effective solution, considering a user cannot help anyone to complete a quest already completed, and this has noticeable advantages. Firstly, the user can easily find and play with friends, without waiting to create another character or transferring the current. Secondly, the gameplay is always feels alive and filled with players, and it is pretty effortless to group with players on dungeons or simply play in PVP mode.

 At one point, the game has naturally balances itself between it’s MMORPG environment and as a traditional Elder Scrolls game. In it’s character building system, there are four broad character classes which are just the point of start. Each class specializes in three qualities, and each weapon and armour specialisation is totally different from these and possess individual, and so do the respective races and the guild alignments.

 It’s time to ready the steed and jump into timeless storytelling and classic warfare.