Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sandbox MMORPG Definition: What is a Sandbox MMO Game?

A sandbox MMORPG can best be defined as a world in which the players are free to roam anywhere and do anything. Crafting equipment, housing, transport or anything else necessary to exist within the game world itself, and that game world having no level or experience restrictions in it, thus allowing players to go anywhere and attempt anything.

A lot of Sandbox MMORPG's also include completely open player versus player combat in the world as well, with players fully able to attack another player at any point in time or place, with some even including the ability to take equipment and/or money from defeated opponents. The most popular of this type of MMORPG, Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies, also eschewed the standard archetype system for characters allowing players to pick and choose a range of skills as they wished, further enhancing the 'freedom to choose' aspect of the games, although there are sandbox games that follow the normal class systems for player characters as well.A framework to build a virtual life rather than a guided tour through a developers idea of a virtual life is perhaps the best way to give a sandbox MMORPG definition.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)comprises of a nice character generation system, effective networking technology, hardy combat, classy dungeons and extraordinary Player-Versus-Player (PVP) warfare, and it has oodles of content at the completion stage which can keep players thoroughly engaged and willing to pay the statutory subscription fee.

Free-standing multiplayer content can be found throughout the game maps, each content delivers large scoops of new features: new Bosses, fun filled dungeons known as Delves, and special events known as Dolmens, where multiple players face off hordes of creatures. These features are pretty nice : Dolmens areinvariable type and Delves are taken on by groups of players standing around the locations of spawn, making it easy to kill them in seconds. This change of paceis pretty welcome and other players can always be easily found to fight alongside.

ZeniMax's megaserver technology deserves applause and a special mention here,it doesn't segment players in different sectors, but allows everyone across geo-locations to enjoy playing with each other and maps are assigned dynamically. This move is quite an effective solution, considering a user cannot help anyone to complete a quest already completed, and this has noticeable advantages. Firstly, the user can easily find and play with friends, without waiting to create another character or transferring the current. Secondly, the gameplay is always feels alive and filled with players, and it is pretty effortless to group with players on dungeons or simply play in PVP mode.

 At one point, the game has naturally balances itself between it’s MMORPG environment and as a traditional Elder Scrolls game. In it’s character building system, there are four broad character classes which are just the point of start. Each class specializes in three qualities, and each weapon and armour specialisation is totally different from these and possess individual, and so do the respective races and the guild alignments.

 It’s time to ready the steed and jump into timeless storytelling and classic warfare.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why I Play MMORPGs

Massively multi-player online role playing games are an increasingly popular trend in the game industry within the virtual world. It is fast and has the best way of letting many players interact as well as shield of their layer partners.

It also help to show case ones skills in the game.

MMORPGs are designed in such a way that players have each differentiated roles and hence they require some great degree of co-operation and the best teamwork possible.In any case the roles created in the virtual world are not any different from the ones in the physical world.

 The MMORPGs have different classes whereby the players can choose from, get guidance on how to handle the roles as well as tutorship. Any role taken has its laid down rules, roles, mode of speech, skills required and many others by the game moderators or the game masters.

The general stress of being a jack of all trades-which in most cases is difficult- is eliminated in the multi-player games.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Runescape is a very popular online role playing game series that is developed and published by Jagex Ltd who basically offer it for free-to-play and pay-to-play options. It is enforced by use of Java, Runsecape allows the player to make their own character to battle against the other opponents.

It uses a very unique demo mode includes a vast access to a given number of features when one is playing. This is the free version of Runescape where one can create an account for free, alternatively one can pay a low amount of $5 monthly membership fee where one gets all features of the game like new monsters, numerous quests to finish, new areas as well as dragons & barrows armory.

It offers unlimited hours of socializing, fun and entertainment especially with the in-game chat forum service. The game undergoes updating on a weekly basis for all the members to enjoy. Apart from the very user friendly game interface the game has a very interesting and detailed storyline. One does not have to download any software for the game as it is all online and it has over 20 different skills that one can train on depending on their preference.

The numerous variety of quests will require skill, excitement, determination and definitely a good sense of humor and I tun one gets to learn about prioritizing, the economic benefits of wise money spending and also the necessity of proper research before buying.

The storyline is accompanied with a very detailed and nicely sized world map giving an edge as compared to other games. Runescape further enhances the player to player experience by the chat forums as well as the many servers that are free interchangeable during the gameplay. The controls are very easy to handle and the graphics are equally satisfactory so is the music and audio in the game.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Themepark MMO Game Definition

Themepark MMORPG definition falls in 5 main aspects as statistics, limited crafting, developer driven, closed end gameplay as well as restrictive class based system. Statistics aspect is that the shape and status of the world is developer driven and thus you will not be able to make any durable changes in the game from the player's side. Limited crafted is in the sense that you have little or no abilities to create or even modify items are tool accepting when it comes to improving ones combative skills. It is a closed end gameplay since the storyline is linked directly to the progression of the game additionally one has little ability to move away from the given methods effectively. ThemePark features are majorly developer driven and thus player say or player influenced content is entirely dependent to the particular developer of the game. It is restrictive class based game system thus skills available as well as changeable depending on the chosen class.

Friday, June 6, 2014

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG is a computer-based video game that occurs in a persistent state world comprising of thousands,or at times millions,of participants developing their own characters in a role-playing environment.The term stands for massively multiplayer online playing game.The virtual world where the game occurs is not static.Events take place in the world which may influence the player when he/she logs in again after a few minutes or hours of logging off.

An MMORPG gives the user a chance of controlling a character that is represented by an avatar,that he/she directs to confront monsters for experience,work together with other characters,obtain items,and many more.In the game,a player or user makes use of a client to connect or link to the server that hosts the virtual world as well as memorizing the details about the player.

This type of game has become increasingly popular since the extensive debut of broadband Internet linkages.Currently,it has many subscribers from hundreds of various countries in the whole world.

What people want from MMORPGs

Evidently MMORPGs generally require a lot of time in order to achieve a given goal that is mostly quests and grinding dungeons of which is not as interesting as it may seem. So this begs the question of what exactly do people expect from this games?

One thing for sure is that the gamers get to link up and form an extensive social network among themselves and can thus share information about the best available gear, chat and cherish the rare opportunities of being the best player in the realm.

People want to have fun on this platform and it basically offers a safe haven away from life's hurdles.

Despite the repetitiveness common in this games they offer people the much needed achievement when one becomes the best in the game.

After all that people want is a little competition and Massively multi-player online role playing game or rather MMORPGs allows this in a fully online environment.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a game that is amongst the top popular massively multiplayer online games today. The game has played a big role in the entertainment field, which is a fulfillment of its purpose. Currently the game has more than 10 million subscribers at its peak. It is available in most of the internet-supported machines such as the personal computer, mobile devices, smart phones and the video game console amongst others. The success of the world of Warcraft on line game has really boosted the MMORPG. Amongst other online games the world of war craft is thriving at a considerable rate.

The world of war craft has been able to release multiples of packs since it was started, that is in the year 2004. They include the Dark Riders of 2013, the Shadow of the Horde of 2013, Dawn of the Aspects which is divided in to three scenes, Tides of War of the 2012 amongst others in the catalogue. The catalogue gives a wide range of games that are fully entertaining.

Besides being entertained, the winner of the world of the Warcraft game gets payment as a reward. Once a person has subscribed as a player of the game, the account opened is used to deposit the money of the winning player. One can play a multiple of games at the same time depending on their ability to concentrate since the MMORPG can open a multiple of the Games at the same time.

Playing the world of war craft games is of great important since it helps one to acquire many skills including the ability to be keen and improving your concentration power. To the winning player it helps them add some money useful in their life activities.

World of war craft is game that has proved great to many. Its skills of playing are simple and its guide is easy to understand. Focus and play it you will get to be fully entertained.

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on the new legendary LotR franchise. The game have characters from books and movie which makes up an interesting PvP mode that allow gamers to play as monsters. Players housing and established back story gives the game a flowing story line which gives players a reason to be enticed. Players also gets rewarded for quests they conquer consequently giving them more reasons to keep on playing. Furthermore, the game also comes in high quality graphics which allow players to view everything clearly including even the minor details.

Since Lord of the Rings Online became free to play the middle earth has become a much busier place since Bree is full with adventures running within crowding traders and contacts. Majority of the games which are free to play do not mean that they are free to play. But in this game players get a huge amount of content before a player can lay down any cash. The Cobbled streets and hobbit standing on the wall plays the legend of Zelda theme on a lute. The Eastern killing fields have more adventure as boars and blasting bats takes players to the second age. Some of the quests include slaying monsters which are interspersed with choreographed story mission. These quests are primarily meant to allow players capture the scale and essence of the lord of the ring universe while at the same time trotting locations. Players get even to fight alongside Chums and Gimli in the epic quests consequently pitting players against the witch king as he tries raising an army in the Northern region of Angmar.

Players in this game gets to enjoy various levels which culminates at around level twenty as they venture into the more dangerous lone lands where players have to buy quest packs. The game is also easy to play since the instructions are easy and detailed where almost everyone can understand easily. Following the story line is also enjoyable as players keep on going on to know what happens next. Therefore, The Lord of the Rings Online is an enjoyable and fun to play game.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

One of the games that has been popular for many years in a tabletop version is Dungeons and Dragons. This popular action role playing fantasy game has allowed individuals to become part of another world. This is one of the things you can take advantage of when you opt to play the game online. Individuals can play Turbine's MMORG game on Microsoft and MacIntosh. it is available as an easy download. It takes place on the continent of Xendrik in the lost world of Ebberdon which is adapted from the table top game. The exploits of players take place in the kingdom of Cormyr and is part of the well known forgotten realms.

This game allows individuals to experience fantasy role playing at its finest. This is one of the things individuals can take advantage of when they choose to play this game. This game is one of the best options you can take advantage of when playing a action role playing game. Dungeons and Dragons online version stands out as one of the best due to the amazing characters in Stormreach like giants, and minions. Players can create their own characters from a number of selections of the D and D game. Their are a few changes from the table top game but most of the changes are good and allow individuals to make changes within the game itself.

The Dungeon and Dragons online game is great because it allows so much customization within the game. It also has a number of creative aspects within the game itself. Some of the things that individuals can look forward to include real time aspects of the game. The quests that are involved in the game are also exciting and rewarding. These are some of the things that individuals can look forward to when they play this game, monetary rewards are also great.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a beautiful browser-based role-playing game where you can fight dragons and even participate in local Olympics.

The game offers three classes of heroes: warrior, archer and mage. After you choose a character your task will be to save the fantasy world Duria from dark cultists who unleashed a longtime enemy of humans – the dragon. Along the way you will have to visit many cities, cold and gloomy caves, swamps and kill hundreds of monsters.

Battles are dynamic and fast. Each class has its own branch of available skills that need to be activated during battles. But at the same time you can use only two skills. You have to correctly select the skills for specific enemies. The most valuable items of equipment can only be purchased for an in-game currency - Andermant, which you can buy for real money.

The world of Duria is a perfectly designed setting and not just another cloned universe. It has its own legends, myths, heroes and villains. The game has a lot of quests. Most of the time you have to collect artifacts in order to save another city from a new and terrible villain.

Drakensang Online looks great - all the lush meadows, forests, caves, gloomy catacombs and crypts in its detail and atmosphere are on par with none other than Diablo 3.

Leveling up gets harder and harder, but after you reach level 40 the game offers you the opportunity to find unique items and artifacts. Health, damage, attack speed, armor, strength, blocking - are almost completely tied to the items you wear. You can improve and repair them at blacksmith’s, forge weapons and armor, and use precious stones to make them even more powerful and rare.

PvP system is easy and understandable - at any time you can enroll in 3 types of battles with other players: 1-on-1, 3-on-3 or 5-on-5.

Drakensang Online is undoubtedly one of the best online RPGs available today with its adventurous and magical atmosphere.