Friday, June 6, 2014

What people want from MMORPGs

Evidently MMORPGs generally require a lot of time in order to achieve a given goal that is mostly quests and grinding dungeons of which is not as interesting as it may seem. So this begs the question of what exactly do people expect from this games?

One thing for sure is that the gamers get to link up and form an extensive social network among themselves and can thus share information about the best available gear, chat and cherish the rare opportunities of being the best player in the realm.

People want to have fun on this platform and it basically offers a safe haven away from life's hurdles.

Despite the repetitiveness common in this games they offer people the much needed achievement when one becomes the best in the game.

After all that people want is a little competition and Massively multi-player online role playing game or rather MMORPGs allows this in a fully online environment.

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