Friday, June 6, 2014

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on the new legendary LotR franchise. The game have characters from books and movie which makes up an interesting PvP mode that allow gamers to play as monsters. Players housing and established back story gives the game a flowing story line which gives players a reason to be enticed. Players also gets rewarded for quests they conquer consequently giving them more reasons to keep on playing. Furthermore, the game also comes in high quality graphics which allow players to view everything clearly including even the minor details.

Since Lord of the Rings Online became free to play the middle earth has become a much busier place since Bree is full with adventures running within crowding traders and contacts. Majority of the games which are free to play do not mean that they are free to play. But in this game players get a huge amount of content before a player can lay down any cash. The Cobbled streets and hobbit standing on the wall plays the legend of Zelda theme on a lute. The Eastern killing fields have more adventure as boars and blasting bats takes players to the second age. Some of the quests include slaying monsters which are interspersed with choreographed story mission. These quests are primarily meant to allow players capture the scale and essence of the lord of the ring universe while at the same time trotting locations. Players get even to fight alongside Chums and Gimli in the epic quests consequently pitting players against the witch king as he tries raising an army in the Northern region of Angmar.

Players in this game gets to enjoy various levels which culminates at around level twenty as they venture into the more dangerous lone lands where players have to buy quest packs. The game is also easy to play since the instructions are easy and detailed where almost everyone can understand easily. Following the story line is also enjoyable as players keep on going on to know what happens next. Therefore, The Lord of the Rings Online is an enjoyable and fun to play game.

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